3 Podcasts That Make Me A Better (Catholic) Mom

I know what you’re thinking, how on earth do you have time to listen to podcasts? And why would you when there is so much good TV and music out there, right? But seriously, listening to podcasts (specifically the ones I’m about to mention) has honestly changed my life. Funnily enough, the first time I decided to check out one of these podcasts was on a return road trip when my hubby and I were in a minor argument (long car trips will do that people) and both he and Jack eventually fell asleep. I was feeling annoyed- why am I the one who has to drive (even though my husband literally drives 9 out of 10 times)? How could he fall asleep in the middle of this argument? I’m tired too, I never get to take a nap! The radio is terrible these days. He’s never going to hear the end of it for falling asleep like that! Etc. etc. etc.

I stopped for gas (they slept through, of course) and decided to check out the podcasts app on my phone, since, like I said, the radio is terrible these days. I started listening to a “CM Hangout” podcast (more on this in a minute) called “Marriage- Keeping it Holy, Keeping it Real.” 45 minutes later I was planning out how to be an even better wife to my husband (I’ll drive every road trip, you can always sleep honey!), I had forgiven and forgotten our little argument, and I wanted to wake him up so I could tell him how much I loved him and how special marriage is and how God loves us and how lucky we are… you get the picture. When we got home (2.5 hours and 3 more podcasts later) and he finally woke up, he was expecting me to be angry and irritated and to pick up where we left off. Pretty sure he was pleasantly surprised when I wasn’t near as grumpy as he expected, and he was even willing to let me babble on about these glorious podcasts for way longer than he normally would have. Listening to that podcast shifted my thought process for the rest of the drive home, instead of stewing over things and making myself more and more upset, I was refocused on God and being the good Catholic wife and mother that I want to be. I actually found the rest of the drive to be peaceful and enjoyable and I offered up lots of prayers. Instead of having a miserable night, I had a fulfilling evening driving with fellow Catholic companions to give me advice and challenge me to live holier.

Since then, I have made these Catholic podcasts a more regular part of my life. Now, to be clear, nothing will ever replace the written word for me (another post on favorite Catholic books to come!). I would literally read nonstop if it were somehow possible to proceed with all other life activities while doing so. And never do I just sit and listen to a podcast while doing nothing else (except maybe driving), I don’t think I would enjoy them near as much if I approached them in that way. However, they really are a great way to turn some of the humdrum chores of mom life into time that is actually enjoyable and fruitful. Where I used to distract myself in the kitchen cooking and cleaning by watching house hunters or getting lost in my own daydreams; I now spend that time listening to encouraging words from other Catholic individuals that build me up and help me to better live out my faith. I even listen to podcasts while working out sometimes, it’s great to get in a workout and also focus on my faith at the same time—two checks off the to-do list at once (I know that free time is valuable mamas)! So, without further ado, here are three of my favorite Catholic podcasts.

  1. Coffee and Pearls: This is the perfect podcast for busy Catholic moms! Each episode is only about 15 minutes, perfect for listening to while folding laundry 🙂 Sterling Jaquith (what a cool name, right?) gives all kinds of advice from how to plan out annual Catholic family goals, to connecting better with your husband, to banishing mom guilt, and even ways to encourage your kids to pray more. I really love listening to her, and she has a whole host of other resources for Catholic mamas on her two websites sterlingjaquith.com and catholicmomchallenge.com (printouts, yay!). She also recently published her book, Catholic Mom Challenge, which is FREE on amazon until Friday, I highly recommend picking it up!
  2. Catholic Mom (CM) Hangout: This is another great podcast, just a bit longer. Episodes are usually about 30- 45 minutes long but I enjoy them because it’s almost like hanging out with a group of friends. The conversations are often casual and lighthearted, but centered around some great topics. They bring on all kinds of inspirational Catholic ladies, many of whom are moms just like us!
  3. Messy Parenting: I just LOVE this one! Mike and Alicia Hernon are Catholic parents to 10 children (sounds familiar!) and they talk about how they keep their marriage strong and holy and raise their children in the Catholic faith. It is seriously awesome, they give so much great advice and do a great job of reminding us exactly what God intended for us in the sacrament of marriage (to get each other to heaven!) and what He desires from us as Catholic parents. Just check it out, you won’t be sorry!


If you still don’t think that podcasts are for you, that’s ok! All 3 of these also have websites or blogs that go along with their podcasts, so go ahead and check them out instead. If you do decide to listen to some of their podcasts, let me know what you think! Or if you have any other podcasts that you love, please let me know!


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