On Running with a Baby

On Running with a Baby

9:00– leave house motivated to run AND say the Rosary while pushing baby in stroller

9:02– get to end of the driveway and realize you have forgotten the binky, worry this could be a problem (despite the snacks/toys/drink you stocked the stroller with) but hope for the best

9:04– almost finish Apostles Creed…baby throws toy car out of stroller, run to retrieve and decide to start the prayer over again

9:06– toy car tossed from stroller again, prayer once again not quite finished, but this time just move on to the 1st Our Father

9:07– car tossed one more time, realize this has become a game to said baby and take away toy car, commence screaming baby

9:10– can’t take screaming anymore and totally unable to concentrate on 1st mystery, stop to give baby cup of blueberries

9:16– finish 1st decade, feeling good, baby has been quiet munching blueberries UNTIL…

9:17– baby somehow sees playground which you deliberately ran out of the way to avoid and begins whining and begging for the swing

9:18– stop to push baby on the swing, enjoy his happy smiles and convince yourself you deserve this break…even though you have not yet run half a mile

9:25– resume run, start 2nd decade

9:26– baby waves at woman walking down the sidewalk, woman is entranced by your adorable child (can’t really blame her) and stops you so she can wave back and talk to baby (but can’t you see I’m running here lady?!)

9:29– wave goodbye to nice, albeit annoying, lady and take to the road again

9:32– baby starts asking for a drink, stop to give him sippy cup

9:35– baby throws sippy cup out of stroller, so not playing this game again, promptly take it and give him a pinecone from the ground to distract him

9:38– realize the sun has been shining on baby’s legs for quite some time now, stop to put sunscreen on him… because you’re a mom

9:40– resume run, decide to finish Rosary later because it’s WAY too hard to give God your attention right now

9:45– five solid minutes of running and quiet, feeling great (a.k.a. finally warmed up)!

9:47– [scratch that] baby sees street sweeper truck down the road, excitedly yells “CAR CAR” and reaches out longingly, stop to let baby watch the car clean the road

9:50– baby motions for his Binky, you know this means trouble and decide to start heading back for home

9:56– pull into the driveway with a screaming child and feel utterly defeated that you have been gone an hour and have not even run 3 miles (at least it’s almost nap time now…)

10:00– in the house, baby has binky, he snuggles up in your arms and asks you to read him a book (not seeming to mind the sweaty mess you are…which is really just sad because in reality you only ran a total of about 8 minutes)

10:01– say a prayer of thanks for the sweet baby in your arms and decide that despite the fact that you will likely never be in shape again, you wouldn’t change one thing